Dental Online Reputation Management

Dental Online Reputation Management Services in Ontario

Dental online reputation management SEO services in Ontario, are more important than ever.Potential patients want to see what others are saying about your dental practice, good and bad.Don’t give potential patients a reason to go anywhere else but your dental practice location.
The majority of prospective patients would rather be somewhere else other than the dentist office. That’s a fact. This is where online dental online reputation management for dentist in Ontario, comes in. A good online dental reputation management program will take these concerns and slay them. Decisively.

Why Online Reputation Matters for Dentists

Here are some stats that highlight why managing your online reputation should be a top priority:

  • 97% of patients read online reviews before choosing a dentist.
  • There is a direct correlation between higher online ratings and more new patient calls.
  • 72% of people will only consider dentists with a 4-star average rating or higher.
  • Positive reviews can improve your website’s search rankings by helping build trust signals.

Clearly, your online presence has a massive influence on whether potential patients ultimately choose your dental services.

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Potential Patients Check out Website First
Dental online reputation management services in Ontario, starts with your website.Show that your dental practice as the most technologically advanced and patient friendly.Calvary marketing will ensure that prospective patients see your dental practice in the best possible light. This will consist of getting existing patients to write a short review about their experience at your dental office. The more reviews the better.
Enhance Your Dental Online Reputation Management With Blogs
Adding to your dental online reputation management with blogs or short articles with helpful tips will help make your practice stand out.The more helpful tips you share the more you are perceived to better than another dentist that doesn’t; even though both of you have the same qualifications.
Dental Online Reputation Management Services Are Affected By Online Reviews
A bad review of your practice will cause potential patients to go to another dentist.“But we get along with other dentists, they are our colleagues”.While true, they will not hesitate to take advantage of your bad review and steal that patient away from you.If you receive too many bad reviews, this tells other potential patients to look elsewhere. Nothing spreads faster than a bad review.That means another dentist will get that extra revenue that your dental practice could have had. Your clinic will loose even more revenue. Calvary marketing will help you stay ahead of the curve and manage any and all, good and bad reviews.Calvary marketing will train your staff on how to react to online reviews both good and bad to stay ahead of the competition.Imagine a patient that just visited your dental practice and they go online and start raving about the service they received.You will certainly want to put this on the front page of your website as a good testimonial.

Key services that Calvary Marketing provides related to dental online reputation management:

  • Reputation Monitoring

      We set up monitoring on review sites and listings to track mentions of your practice. This includes monitoring Google, Facebook, Yelp, RateMDs and more.

  • Review Generation

    We make it easy for your happy patients to leave positive reviews with tablets, feedback cards, and review links. This helps get more 5-star reviews.

  • Review Response

    When negative feedback appears, we help craft customized responses following best practices to turn detractors into promoters.

  • Search Optimization 

    We optimize your Google My Business listing, website, and content with SEO best practices to improve search visibility.

  • Social Media Management

      We handle your Facebook, Instagram and other social accounts to showcase positive patient stories and testimonials.

  • Online Listings

    We fix duplicate or inaccurate listings on directories like Yellow Pages to present accurate info across the web.

  • Reputation Report

    A monthly report with key metrics and insights into your online reputation so you can track progress.

  • Reputation Software 

    We provide access to reputation management software tools to enhance monitoring and streamline review generation.

FAQs about dental online reputation management:

Why is online reputation important for dentists?

Managing your online reputation is crucial for dentists because most patients read online reviews before choosing a dental provider. Positive reviews and ratings can help attract new patients, while negative feedback can deter them. A good reputation encourages referrals.

What are the first steps in managing your dental practice’s online reputation?

The first priorities are claiming and optimizing profiles on key review sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp and setting up monitoring to receive alerts when your practice is mentioned online. This allows you to see reviews as they come in.

How should dentists respond to negative online reviews?

When responding to negative feedback, be prompt, apologize, remain professional and non-combative, address the specific concerns raised, and invite them to contact you to resolve the issue. Never share private patient information online when responding.

How can I get more positive online reviews for my dental practice?

Strategies to generate more positive reviews include placing review request cards in your office, installing patient review tablets, sending review links via email/text, and politely asking happy patients to share their experiences after appointments.

Are there online reputation management tools I should use?

Yes, specialized tools can help streamline reputation monitoring, review generation, listings management, and more. Platforms like RateForce and Birdeye are designed specifically for healthcare providers.