Our Services

We offer integrated digital marketing spanning visibility-building, relationship management, lead generation and conversion optimization. Our core services include:

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your online visibility by improving website structure, content and page speed. We also build high-quality backlinks, local citations and schema markup. This drives higher local search rankings for the services you offer, leading to more website traffic.

Google Ads

We specialize in Google Ads management, creating targeted pay-per-click campaigns optimized for your dental practice. Our expertise involves selecting the right keywords, demographics, bids and landing pages using robust analytics and testing. This generates more quality calls and conversions.

Facebook Ads and Pages

Leveraging our years of experience, we craft high-converting Facebook ad campaigns laser-focused on your ideal patients. We also optimize and manage your Facebook page through engaging posts,Responses and promotions. This builds connections with your local community.

Landing Pages

We design and test landing pages that effectively convert your ad clicks into calls and form submissions. Our dentistry-focused pages emphasize the user experience with clear messaging, frictionless contact forms and distinct calls-to-action. This maximizes conversions.

Food Delivery App Ads

We help dental practices advertise across popular food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Skip the Dishes. Our expertise lies in crafting localized ads and promotions to effectively engage app users with your services. This taps into a vast new patient pool.

Full Services of Our Dental Digital Marketing

Our services offers all packages include a weekly 1/2 hour debriefing to see how the week went. During debriefing, we will discuss suggestions, concerns, and tweaking of ads/offers to get peoples’ attention.

Calvary Dental Digital Marketing

Call us today 1-888-630-9384 and let us help you! or email us info@calvary-marketing.ca

Why Choosing Calvary Marketing is the Smart Choice

In addition to full-service digital marketing, partnering with Calvary Marketing offers these unique advantages:

Industry Experience and Credentials

With an 8-year track record in Irish dental marketing, we deeply understand your market intricacies, target audience and pain points. Our certified consultants keep skills updated through ongoing accredited training.

Fully Customized Local Strategies

We tailor strategies aligned to your specific locality’s dynamics and demographics. Our localized approach helps you stand out in your community. We also adjust campaigns to your unique requirements and goals.

Hands-on Consulting Approach

You are assigned certified consultants who are involved at every step – analysis, strategizing, execution and optimization. We become an extension of your practice for holistic digital growth.

Seamless Multi-Channel Integration

Our strategies encompass synergistic use of SEO, paid ads, social media, reviews, content, email and more. Content boosts SEO, social activities improve local search rankings, and so on. This multiplies results.

Unmatched Reporting and Tracking

Our advanced analytics provide granular campaign tracking and insights. We optimize rigorously based on key metrics through iterative testing. You gain complete transparency into our strategic approach using hard data.

Long-Term Partnership Philosophy

We focus on long-term dental practice growth rather than quick wins. Our ongoing management and improvements deliver sustained results over months and years. We become your trusted digital advisor.

To amplify your dental practice’s visibility, leads and competitive positioning, choose Ireland’s leading local dental marketing experts – Calvary Marketing. Get in touch with us today to get started.


Robust digital marketing is crucial for expanding dental practices in Ireland’s crowded landscape today. As a specialist dental marketer since 2015, Calvary Marketing possesses the proven strategies and skills to accelerate your online growth.

Our customized, integrated digital marketing services backed by certified expertise span all key areas – SEO, paid ads, social media, reputation, content, and analytics. Furthermore, our hands-on approach, local market mastery, transparent tracking and long-term orientation deliver unrivaled results.

To boost your dental practice ahead of rivals, partner with the dental marketing leaders – Calvary Marketing today.