How to improve your dental practice Google rankings

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Improve your dental practice Google rankings with the following tips.

People search for local dental practices first

It used to be that one had to have organic rankings to be the at the top of Google page 1, under the paid advertising.

Google and other search engines are changing how they present the search results based on what people are searching for and how they search.

One thing that has changed is local listings rank higher than other organic results because people search for businesses close to home.

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Improve your dental practice Google rankings with local SEO

Local SEO is the Google map. People look on the map more often than they look at the search results.

You will want to rank higher in local SEO, because it’s an inexpensive form of advertising.

Other forms of digital advertising like pay per click, cost more and the click through rate is much lower, but more focused.

Recent studies show that about 80% of searchers who search locally, go to that business very quickly.

Google map listings have higher interest because the information is more relevant and in 1 place.

Information like hours of operation, location, phone number, etc.

Local dental practices are prioritized over national and international brands.

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Set up a Google My Business account and improve your dental practice Google rankings

Any business can claim and set up a Google My Business account.

Go to Google and set up your Google My Business account today and start ranking higher today.

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Before you do anything else, find out where your practice ranks on Google Maps.

Be aware that local SEO results will vary according to the person searching and keywords used.

You will rank higher depending on where the person searching is located at the time of searching.

If the prospective patient is 2 blocks away from your practice, your clinic will rank higher.

Conversely, if the prospective patient is at the other end of town and your practice is at the opposite end, then your practice will rank lower.


Start writing and put them on your GMB page

I know everyone is busy and yes it can be time consuming. Writing can improve your local dental SEO rankings over the competition.

Write a blog and then post it to your dental practice website.

When that is done, take the first paragraph of your blog and post it to your Google My Business account.

Consistency is the key to success and it will help your practice rank above the competition.

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